Updated 20181125

Your CaDD PC99 Suite documentation includes full instructions on how to convert your TI 5.25″ disks to CaDD PC99 Suite format.Note: This is the same format used by PC99 DOS. If you no longer have access to a TI system, or simply don’t want to spend the time to convert your disks, you can request CaDD to do this for you. To use the disk conversion service, you must:

  1. Mail the TI disks you want converted to the address on the CaDD home page. The TI disks should be in good condition and be either SSSD, DSSD, or DSDD. If the diskettes are flippies, see the table below. Warning: CaDD cannot guarantee to convert copy-protected diskettes.
  2. Supply a blank PC CD-R disk for the converted files:
  3. Optionally provide a list showing your TI disk name and the Windows filename that you want this disk to be called. If no list is supplied, then CaDD will select the filenames. For example:
    TI diskname Windows filename
    TURBO turbo.dsk
    ASGAMES-2 agames2.dsk

    Note: It is recommended that Windows filenames adhere to the 8.3 naming convention during conversion. When you receive the files you can use your own names.

  4. Supply a return address label, and sufficient postage for the return of your diskettes and the CD-R disk. The media will be returned in the package you provide.

PC99 disk conversion pricing

Conversion type You supply CD-R CaDD supplies CD-R
TI SSSD disks $1.00 $2.00
TI DSSD disks $2.00 $3.00
TI DSDD disks $4.00 $5.00
TI SSSD floppies $8.00 $9.00

To calculate cost, multiply the number of each diskette “type” you supply by the dollar value based on who supplies the CD-R.

Example: You provide 6 SSSD, 4 DSDD diskettes, and 5 floppies, and want CaDD to supply the CD-R.

6 SSSD 6 * $2.00 = $12.00

4 DSDD 4 * $3.00 = $12.00

5 flippies 5 * $9.00 = $45.00

Total = $69.00