Back issues of the following publications. These can be supplied as:

  1. The entire issue. $15/issue.
  2. Original pages cut from the issue. $3.00/page.
  3. Photocopies of pages. $2.00/page
  4. Scans of pages. $1.00/page. Scan preference is a compressed raw .tif file generated at maximum scanner resolution.

Our only interest is in material relating to the TI-99/4A. Please email CaDD stating what you have before mailing or sending any material. Our address and email address are at the top of this page.

Number Item
Computer Shopper
  • 1984. Articles are most likely written by Randy Holcomb, and appear in Randy’s Ravings.
  • January. All TI-related articles.
  • February. All TI-related articles.
  • March. All TI-related articles.
  • April. All TI-related articles.
  • July. Article: Find your way through the networks.
Vulcan’s Computer Monthly a.k.a. Computer Monthly
  • 1990.
  • Before April. We do not know if there was TI material published
    in this issue or earlier than this.
  • April. All TI-related material.
  • May. Missing page 94 and any possible subsequent pages.
  • August. May not have contained any TI material.
  • 1992.
  • After June, i.e. starting with the July issue. It is
    not known if any TI-related material appeared in these issues.
Unofficial 99/4(A)
  • Volume 1 No. 1. Estimated publish date: 1982 November-December.
  • Volume 1 No. 5. 1983 July-August.
  • Any issue after Volume 2 No. 1 — 1984 January-February.