This is a list of PHD disks supplied with The Cyc.

  PHD No. Program name
  5001 Mailing List (TI)
  5002 TI-Trek (TI)
  5003 Personal Financial Aids (TI)
  5004 Programming Aids I (TI)
  5005 Programming Aids II (TI)
  5006 Math Routine Library (TI)
  5007 Teach Yourself Basic — Part One (TI)
  5007 Teach Yourself Basic — Part Two (TI)
  5008 Electrical Engineering Library (TI)
  5009 Music Skills Trainer (TI)
  5010 Mystery Melody (TI)
  5011 Computer Music Box (TI)
  5012 Programming Aids III (TI)
  5013 Graphing Package (TI)
  5015 Oldies but Goodies — Games I (TI)
  5016 Structural Engineering Library (TI)
  5017 Oldies but Goodies — Games II (TI)
  5018 Market Simulation (TI)
  5019 Teach Yourself Extended Basic (TI)
  5020 Music Maker Demonstration (TI)
  5021 Checkbook Manager (TI)
  5022 Business Aids Library — Finance Management (TI)
  5023 Basketball Statistician (TI)
  5024 Business Aids Library — Inventory Management (TI)
  5025 Saturday Night Bingo (TI)
  5026 Bridge Bidding I (TI)
  5027 Business Aids Library — Invoice Management (TI)
  5029 Business Aids Library — Cash Management (TI)
  5030 Speak & Spell(tm) Program (TI)
  5031 Speak & Math(tm) Program (TI)
  5037 Draw Poker (TI>
  5038 Business Aids Library — Lease/Purchase Decisions (TI)
  5039 Bridge Bidding II (TI)
  5041 Bridge Bidding III (TI)
  5042 Spell Writer (TI)
A 5043 Pirate Adventure (SA)
(See manual for PHM3041)
  5044 AC Circuit Analysis (TI)
  5046 Adventureland (SA)
  5047 Mission Impossible (SA)
  5048 Voodoo Castle (SA)
  5049 The Count (SA)
  5050 Strange Odyssey (SA)
  5051 Mystery Fun House (SA)
  5052 Pyramid of Doom (SA)
  5053 Ghost Town (SA)
  5054 Savage Island I and II (SA)
  5056 The Golden Voyage (SA)
A 5057 Tombstone City: 21st Century (TI)
(See manual for PHM3052)
  5058 TI Invaders (TI)
  5060 Munch Man (TI)
A 5062 Editor/Assembler Part A
(See manual for PHM3055)
A 5062 Editor/Assembler Part B
(See manual for PHM3055)
  5063 UCSD p-System Pascal Compiler
  5064A UCSD p-System Assembler
  5064L UCSD p-System Linker
  5065E UCSD p-System Editor
  5065F UCSD p-System Filer
  5065U UCSD p-System Utilities
  5066 TI Pilot
  5067 Beginner’s Basic Tutor (TI)
  5068 Course Designer Authoring Package
  5070 TI Logo Sampler
A 5073 Tunnels of Doom
(See manual for PHM3042)
  5074 TI Logo Curriculum Guide
  5076 Text-To-Speech (English)
  5077 Personal Tax Plan (Aardvark)
A 5089 TI-Writer Word Processor
(See manual for PHM3111)
  5092 TI Count General Ledger (Pike Creek)
  5093 TI Count Accounts Payable (Pike Creek)
  5094 TI Count Accounts Receivable (Pike Creek)
  5095 TI Count Payroll (Pike Creek)
  5096 TI Count Inventory (Pike Creek)
  5097 TI Count Mail List (Pike Creek)
  5098 TI Forth (TI)
A = available under alternate part number