This is a list of PHM manuals supplied with The Cyc.

US vs. non-US manuals

Modules sold in the US generally had the name on the module label match the name on the manual. Modules sold outside the US often did not. If a module number is followed by a space and a letter it is a non-US manual. The letter can be:

  • C Canada
  • D Deutschland (Germany)
  • E Europe
  • G Great Britain (England)
  • Example: 3005 E

    indicates the European version of the Video-Graphs manual. Note that this is not an official TI designation. However, a PHM number such as 3041D without a space is an official TI number. In the list that follows it is the manual for the Adventure module with diskette.

    Non-US manuals could contain one or more non-US English languages. When this occurs, the language abbreviations used are:

    • GB = Great Britain (English)
    • D = Deutschland (German)
    • F = La France (French)
    • I = Italia (Italian)
    • NL = Nederland (Dutch)
    • S = Sverige (Swedish)
    • DK = Danmark (Danish)

    The module names shown are taken from the manuals. In some cases the module labels had different names. These are noted where known. In many cases the names in the manual did not appear on the modules. For example, there is no known Speech Editor module with a Swedish label. For these cases, the English name is used.

    Note: Be wary of the early E manuals. Do not be tempted to order them instead of the regular US manual. For example, PHM3026 Extended Basic is the full TI manual which explains the language. PHM3026 E is an abbreviated manual covering how to use the module. Only some of the later E manuals, e.g. PHM3020 E Music Maker contained the complete text, or equivalent, of the original US manual in different languages. However, PHM3055 E does not cover the use of each TMS9900 instruction in multiple languages as is done in PHM3055 Editor/Assembler.

    List of manuals

    The manuals in the following table are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

      PHM No. Module name
      3000 Diagnostic
      3001 Demonstration
      3001 D Demonstration
    D Demonstrations-Programmn
      3002 Early Learning Fun
      3003 Beginning Grammar
      3004 Number Magic
      3004 E Number Magic
    GB Number Magic
    D Rechenkünstler
    F Magic des Nombres
    I Numero Magico
    NL Magische Getallen
    S Magiska Tal
      3005 Video-Graphs
      3006 Home Financial Decisions
      3007 Household Budget Management
      3008 Video Chess
      3008 D Video Chess
    GB Video Chess
    D Schachmeister
    Note: GB is omitted since it is almost identical to that in PHM3008.
      3008 E Video Chess
    GB Videochess
    D Schachmeister
    F Echecs
    GB, D, F, I and NL in manual.
      3009 Football
      3010 Physical Fitness
      3010 E Physical Fitness
    GB Physical Fitness
    D Fitness-Training
    Note: GB is omitted since it is almost identical to that in PHM3010.
      3011 Speech Editor
      3011 E Speech Editor
    GB Speech Editor
    D Sprachaufbereiter
    F Editeur de Parole
    I Redazione delle Parole
    NL Spraak Bewerker
    S Talredigering
      3012 Securities Analysis
      3013 Personal Record Keeping
      3013 D Personal Record Keeping
    D Datenverwaltung und Analyse
    I Gestioni Dati Personali
      3013 E Personal Record Keeping
    GB Personal Record Keeping
    D Datenverwaltung und Analyse
    I Gestioni Dati Personali
    F Gestion de Fichers
    NL Persoonlijk Computer Archief
      3014 Statistics
      3014 D Statistics
    D Statistik
      3015 Early Reading
      3016 Tax/Investment Record Keeping
      3017 Terminal Emulator 1
      3018 Video Games I
      3018e Video Games I
    GB Video Games 1
    D Videospiele 1 (not available)
    F Jeux Vidéo 1 (not available)
      3019 Disk Manager
      3020 Music Maker
      3020 E Music Maker
    GB, D, F, I, NL, S
      3021 Weight Control and Nutrition
      3022 Personal Real Estate
      3023 Hunt the Wumpus
      3023 E Hunt the Wumpus
    GB Hunt the Wumpus
    D Wumpusjagd
    F Chasse au Wumpus
    I Caccia al Mostro
    NL Wumpus Jacht
    S Jagd Wumpus
      3024 Indoor Soccer
      3024 D Indoor Soccer
    GB Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer
    D Hallenfußball
      3024 E Indoor Soccer
    GB Soccer Five-a-Side
    D Hallenfußball
    F Football
    I Calcio
    NL Voetbal
    S Fotboll
      3025 Mind Challengers
      3025 E Mind Challengers
    GB Mind Challenger
    D Video Spiele 2
    F Jeux Video 2
    GB, D, F, I, NL, S in manual.
      3026 Extended Basic
      3026 E Extended Basic
    GB, D, F, I, NL, S in manual.
      3027 Addition and Subtraction 1
      3028 Addition and Subtraction 2
      3029 Multiplication 1
      3030 A-Maze-ing
      3030 E A-Maze-ing
    GB, D, F, I, NL, S in manual
      3031 The Attack
      3031 E The Attack
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3032 Blasto
      3032 E Blasto
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3033 Blackjack and Poker
      3034 Hustle
      3035 Terminal Emulator II
      3035 D Terminal Emulator II (Programm-Service Reis)
      3036 ZeroZap
      3036 E ZeroZap
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3037 Hangman
      3038 Connect Four
      3038 E Connect Four
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3039 Yahtzee
      3039 E Yahtzee
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3040 TI Logo
      3041D Adventure (disk)
      3042D Tunnels of Doom (disk)
      3043 Reading Fun
      3044 Personal Report Generator
      3044 E Personal Report Generator
    GB Personal Report Generator
    D Text und Dateiverwaltung
    Note: GB is omitted since it is almost identical to that in PHM3044.
      3045D SMU Electrical Engineering Library (2 disks)
      3046 Reading On
      3047 Reading Roundup
      3048 Reading Rally
      3049 Division 1
      3050 Numeration I
      3051 Numeration II
      3052 Tombstone City: 21st Century
      3052 E Tombstone City: 21st Century
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3053 TI Invaders
      3053 E TI Invaders
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3054 Car Wars
      3054 C Car Wars
    US Car Wars
    F Bolides
      3054 E Car Wars
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3055 Editor/Assembler
      3055 E Editor/Assembler
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3056 Alpiner
      3057 Munch Man
      3057 E Munch Man
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3058 Mini Memory
      3058 E Mini Memory
    GB Mini Memory
    D Mini Memory
    F Mini M‚moire
    I Mini Memoria
      3059 Scholastic Spelling — Level 3
      3060 Scholastic Spelling — Level 4
    X 3061 Scholastic Spelling — Level 5
    X 3062 Scholastic Spelling — Level 6
      3064 Touch Typing Tutor
      3064 C Touch Typing Tutor
    US Touch Typing Tutor
    F Apprendre A Taper
    Note: US is omitted since it is almost identical to that in PHM3064.
      3066 VAT Accounting/Buchungsjournal
    D Buchungsjournal
      3067 Othello
      3067 E Othello
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3082 Reading Flight
      3083 Computer Math Games II
    X 3084 Computer Math Games I
      3085 Computer Math Games III
    X 3086 Computer Math Games IV
      3088 Computer Math Games VI
      3089 Disk Manager 2
      3090 Addition
      3091 Subtraction
      3092 Multiplication
      3093 Division
      3094 Integers
      3095 Fractional Numbers
      3096 Decimals
      3097 Percents
      3098 Number Readiness
      3099 Laws of Arithmetic
      3100 Equations
      3101 Measurement Formulas
      3109 TI Logo II
      3110 Chisholm Trail
      3110 E Chisholm Trail
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3111 TI-Writer Word Processor
      3112 Parsec
      3112c Parsec
    US English, French Canadian
      3112 E Parsec
    GB, D, I, F, NL, S in manual
      3113 Microsoft Multiplan
      3114 Alligator Mix
      3114 E Alligator Mix
    GB Alligator Mix
    D Alligator-Aufgaben
    F Alligator Savant
    I L’Alligatore
    NL Alligator Sommen
      3115 Alien Addition
      3115 E Alien Addition
    GB Alien Addition
    D Mission Plus
    F Addition Canon
    I Sommo o TI Invade
    NL Opdracht Plus
      3116 Demolition Division
      3116 E Demolition Division
    GB Demolition Division
    D Mission Teilen
    F Division D‚molition
    I Dividi o TI Colpisce
    NL Opdracht Deling
      3117 Dragon Mix
      3117 E Dragon Mix
    GB Dragon Mix
    D Drachen-Aufgaben
    F Dragon Savant
    I Dragon Mix
    NL Draken Mix
      3118 Minus Mission
      3118 E Minus Mission
    GB Minus Mission
    D Mission Minus
    F Mission Moins
    I Sottrai o TI Invade
    NL Opdracht Min
      3119 Meteor Multiplication
    X 3119 E Meteor Multiplication
    GB Meteor Multiplication
    D Mission “Mahlnemen”
    F Meteor Multiplication
    I Moltiplica gli UFO
    NL Opdracht Maal
      3122 Plato Interpreter
      3131 Moon Mine
      3144 Early Logo Learning Fun
      3145 Sneggit
      3146 Munchmobile
      3148 Championship Baseball
      3149 Space Bandits
      3150 Sewermania
      3151 Bigfoot
      3152 Meteor Belt
      3153 Superfly
      3154 Terry Turtle’s Adventure
      3155 I’m Hiding
      3156 Honey Hunt
      3157 Soundtrack Trolley
      3158 M*A*S*H
      3168 Treasure Island
      3169 Word Invasion
      3177 Facemaker
      3178 Story Machine
      3185 Word Radar
      3189 Return to Pirate’s Isle
      3194 Jawbreaker II
      3197 Slymoids
      3213 TI-Calc
    Note: GB and D only. F and I incomplete.
      3218 F Gestion Privée
      3219 Super Demon Attack
      3220 Microsurgeon
      3222 Fathom
      3224 Moonsweeper
      3225 Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator
      3226 Buck Rogers
      3227 Congo Bongo
      3229 Hopper
      3233 BurgerTime
    X = not available